VMPS is a specialist in Supply Chain and Procurement and is available for assignments on an interim base.

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VMPS can perform in supply chain and procurement functions in all industries as long as it has business partners and specified services or products.

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Shareholders from fast growing small companies, private equity that require a step change in productivity and large companies that need an interim executive manager

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Focus creates results

Van Motman Procurement Solutions (VMPS) is a client focused consulting firm with 25 years of experience in the world of Supply Chain and Procurement. This experience is obtained at multinational companies active in Consumer, Healthcare and Technology markets. VMPS has the unique ability to assess the potential for improvement and implement changes in organizations of all sizes to achieve results

VMPS is small, independent and effective in delivering results for clients who have a strong interest to increase the supply chain performance.

Here is were experience counts.The VMPS approach is to review and understand the current strategy and performance and then determine what element(s) are not set up to meet the long term interest of the company. Our unique talent lies in among other things: issue spotting, people skills, allignment of business functions, building partnerships with suppliers and customers, applying innovative business processes and getting more out of your existing systems. The mission of VMPS is to make a meaningful change in productivity for the client through Supply Chain and Procurement Transformation.

VMPS does not only present a strategy and a roadmap but also executes the plan for action together with your team and delivers the results .